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Yours Truly , Sofia
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"Maybe he’s hurting just like I am. Or maybe he’s so careless and at peace, that I’m feeling all the pain for the both of us"
-nakedtruthxo.tumblr.com (via nakedtruthxo)

i ‘m sittin’ here imaginin’ what life we could have . what moments we can create . but it ‘s as if i ‘m the only one dreamin’ for two . tell me . what ‘s it like to hold you close ? to feel your warmth upon my soul . every second starts to feel like a lifetime . yet , you still aren ‘t here . you ‘re never here .

and it ‘s like i ‘m stuck readin’ old messages . realizin’ that ‘s all we shall ever be . old memories .


Roman is so sexy, man. I just can’t. Every time they show his photo for later on tonight, I just stare. He is a beautiful man.